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August 31, 2006

ASBOs for fetuses?

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BBC NEWS | Politics | Blair to tackle ‘menace’ children
Teenage mums and problem families could be forced to take government help to stop their toddlers becoming a future “menace to society”, says Tony Blair.

The prime minister it was possible to identify children who were likely to develop into troublemakers even before they were born.

There could be sanctions for parents who refused to take advice, he said.

What was he smoking during that Caribbean holiday? He’s clearly brought some back for his aides, whatever it is, since the story continues, ‘His aides say people are more interested in problems like anti-social behaviour than in talk about when the prime minister will quit.’ Well, unless they mean — which I don’t think they do — the behaviour of some of his ministers, do they really think that people are saying, ‘Oh, I’m not bothered about when St Tone’s quitting; it’s feral toddlers that really bother me’.

Since ‘Mr Blair did not specify exactly what changes he was preparing to make or how they would work’, I suspect that this is another ‘We’ll frogmarch drunks to the nearest cashpoint machine’ wheeze, dreamed up precisely because he wishes people would stop going on about when he’s leaving.


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  1. i love that home!

    Comment by rachal — January 22, 2007 @ 8:26 pm

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