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September 1, 2006

Politically Incorrect Alphabet

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CigarettesI’m not normally a fan of cracks about ‘political correctness’ (whether gone mad or not). Seems to me that, all too often, it’s a cliche that attempts to cover for bad manners. I was always taught that a gentleman should never offend unintentionally, and that, when he does, he should apologise rather than make an issue of it, filing away the information that some people find something offensive for the next time he does wants tYank-womano offend them.

Either that or it’s a way of shutting off rational debate — ‘I’m not bothering to consider that; just “political correctness gone mad”, that is’. If someone comes out with a bloody stupid idea — objecting to black bin bags, for example, then call it what it is — bloody stupid. Actually, I’m assured by a journalist friend of mine that, before councils caught on to this and referred all such queries to their Press Departments, a favourite way of getting an easy story was to phone up (for example) the education department of a ‘loony left’ Golliwogcouncil, tell you’d heard that one of their primary schools had banned singing ‘Baa baa black sheep’ and hope they’d say something stupid. Quite often, you’d get lucky and the person on the other end of the phone would think, ‘Well, I’ve not heard of this, but I can hardly say the Head there must be barking, so I’ll try to back ’em up. The story would write itself…

Anyway, I can’t resist this set of politically incorrect alphabet cards, in the style of Dick Bruna; their creator writes

My wife is a teacher of young children, and I’ve spent a fair time of late sitting on undersized chairs admiring the alphabet charts on classroom walls. Typically ‘A’ will stand for Apple, ‘B’ for Ball. It occurred to me that ‘I’ for Indian, one I remember from my childhood, has been replaced as it is no longer politically correct to refer to native/first/indigenous Americans as Indians.

Lacking any tact or decency, I therefore determined to create an alphabet using only subjects that, while they might have been unremarked a few decades ago, are now outside acceptable usage. But only just. And then it was my intention to illustrate these in a ‘modern’ style, something along the lines of Dick Bruna’s Miffy (OK, Miffy is 50, but still looks fresh)

Horse He’s got loads of them there. Great fun

Hat Tip: Boing Boing



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