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September 4, 2006

Fundamentalists Demand 9/11 Documentary Censorship

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NEW YORK – Broadcasters say the hesitancy of some CBS affiliates to air a powerful Sept. 11 documentary next week proves there’s been a chilling effect on the First Amendment since federal regulators boosted penalties for television obscenities after Janet Jackson’s breast was exposed at a Super Bowl halftime show.

“This is example No. 1,” said Martin Franks, executive vice president of CBS Corp., of the decision by two dozen CBS affiliates to replace or delay “9/11″ — which has already aired twice without controversy — over concerns about some of the language used by the firefighters in it.”We don’t think it’s appropriate to sanitize the reality of the hell of Sept. 11th,” Franks said. “It shows the incredible stress that these heroes were under. To sanitize it in some way robs it of the horror they faced.” […]

The announcement came as the Tupelo, Miss.-based American FamilyAssociation readied its 3 million members to flood the FCC and CBS withcomplaints after the documentary airs.

“This isn’t an issue of censorship. It’s an issue of responsibility to the public,” said Randy Sharp, director of special projects for the group, which describes itself as a 29-year-old organization that promotes the biblical ethic of decency.

Some CBS affiliates worry over 9/11 show – Yahoo! News

Blimey! (if that isn’t too strong a term… I do hope my language hasn’t shocked anyone too much). I mean, it’s hardly as if anyone’s going to be surprised that firemen swear a bit in extreme circumstances or that the firemen are likely to use language anyone’s not heard before. And if any of the AFA’s members are worried about the effect on their (‘Won’t someone please think of the…’} children, I’d have thought a documentary about 9/11 would contain a deal more to shock them than bad language.

Still, this is clearly the way the Christian Community, or at least parts of it, in America, must think; this Randy Sharp character is, after all, a ‘community leader‘ and clearly must therefore be taken very seriously as such. Just ask Ruth Kelly.


The Sydney Morning Herald, under the headline Now The Bloody Yanks Are Offended, complaining about, earlier this year reported them complaining about

Australian tourism’s “where the bloody hell are you?” TV advertisement.

The controversial commercial has made its US debut in front of 20 million American TV viewers and one influential group was not amused.

The American Family Association (AFA), which has more than two million members and leads campaigns against abortion and gay rights, was upset with the bikini-clad model Lara Bingle’s use of “bloody” and “hell” in the ad’s tagline […]

“I just feel pretty sure the typical American family who is watching TV with their children and they’re exposed to this ad are going to be upset,” AFA director of special projects, Randy Sharp, said.

“I don’t want my children to hear that phrase.

“It’s a shocking phrase because we’re not familiar with it.

“I guess they use it all the time in Australia, but it’s a foreign language here so I think it’ll have a negative impact rather than positive.”

However, Tourism Australia was not worried by the prospect of an AFA campaign, a spokesman said.

The ad’s North American target market was well-educated,high-earning, widely travelled people from Canada and the US west coast, the Tourism Australia spokesman said.

“And I think we have the right campaign to do the job,” he said.


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