Not Saussure

September 8, 2006

Last week, DEFRA; this week, Blair…

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As Dr Reid would say, they just don’t get it…

What does the embattled loyalist do when the Dear Leader is on the ropes, bombarded by round-robins from party and former friends demanding his head before the local elections, before Christmas, now, if sooner than that isn’t possible? Why, set up a supporters site and get people to sign a petition, of course.A petition that is swiftly endorsed by the likes of, er, Osama bin Laden, Oswald Mosley and a splendidly youthful Jane Fonda/Barbarella. Oh dear…

Read more at Galaxy of saboteurs trashes ‘Save the Blair’ petition | The Register and Bloggerheads for details of what looks like an astroturfing operation gone horribly wrong…


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