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September 8, 2006

Old heads on young shoulders

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No gratitude, these youngsters. HMG kindly sets up a national database of all children to complement the one they’ve already got with details of the DNA of 24,000 children who’ve never been charged with anything, which is to contain answers to questions about all manner of topics ranging from the parent’s mental health to whether the children are eating 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. Estimated starting cost back in December: £200 million; cost quoted ionly 6 months later: £224 million.

Are they grateful? Are they buggery: | Society | Children fear intrusion of national database, report finds

Children fear that the government’s national database of every child in England will expose rather than protect them from harm, according to a report published today.Young people were suspicious of the motives behind the creation of the children’s index, which will allow professionals to share information about 11 million children, a study by the children’s commissioner for England said.

Many of those questioned believed the system would be “incredibly intrusive” and deter them from using sexual and mental health services for fear this would be disclosed to their school or parents.

The study found that children feared the £224m index, which allows professionals to flag up concerns on an individual’s file, could be misused by unscrupulous or abusive staff, with particular concern raised that child abusers could use it to conceal abuse.

Older teenagers were concerned that the index was a Big Brother-style means of keeping track of young people and some pledged to try to evade being entered into the system, the researchers said.

Many of those surveyed also did not trust the government to keep the information on the index safe and secure, with many concerned that the system could be hacked.

and after all we’ve done for them


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