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September 9, 2006

Stripper storm at climate meeting –

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Strange; I had thought Sir Les Patterson was the Australian governent spokesman for the Yarts, but maybe he’s changed departments.

Stripper storm at climate meeting – National –
” Outraged scientists stormed out of a government-sponsored climate change conference dinner in Canberra last night, after female entertainers stripped down to their underwear as part of a burlesque show.

And one of the performers, who was covered in balloons, walked around the venue inviting scientists to burst parts of her costume….

The dinner was the social highlight of the 17th Australia New Zealand Climate Change Forum.

The three-day event at the Australian National University was sponsored by the Bureau of Rural Sciences at the federal Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and the Australian Greenhouse Office, an arm of the federal Department of the Environment and Heritage.

The Australian Research Council Research Network for Earth System Science (an education and government networking organisation) and the Managing Climate Variability R&D Program also sponsored the event.

“This is … supposed to be a gathering of scientists at a government-sponsored event in an already male-dominated industry where it is hard enough for a woman to make inroads,” the attendee told

“If this is the Australian Government and male-dominated scientific community’s idea of conference entertainment, God help us all.”


Representatives from the Australian Greenhouse Office were among those who walked out.

Department withdraws sponsorship

The deputy secretary of the Department of the Environment and Heritage, Howard Bamsey, said the department was withdrawing its sponsorship.

“The Department … considers the nature of the ‘entertainment’ to be highly inappropriate and we made our very strong concerns known to the conference organisers,” Mr Bamsey said.

Hat tip: Boing Boing


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