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September 14, 2006

Anti-war protest banned — ‘health and safety grounds…’

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From Shades of Stalinism – Politicalog

Labour officials have banned the grieving families of the Iraq war dead from staging a peaceful protest outside the party’s forthcoming annual conference in Manchester.Furious members of Military Families Against The War accused the party of ‘censorship’ after they applied to hold a small peace camp near the conference later this month.

But officials on Labour-run Manchester council told them they could not do so for ‘health and safety’ reasons.

It is bad enough that we are not allowed to protest outside the seat of our democracy. My advice to the members of Military Families Against The War is to go ahead and hold your protest anyway. There will be plenty of TV cameras outside the conference.

Did our forefathers really fight in two world wars so that we would have to put up with this shit?

Shades of Tessa Jowell’s attempts to stop the 2003 Anti-War Demonstration holding its rally in Hyde Park because it might damage the grass.

Military Families Against The War are, I see from their website, quite rightly going ahead with their protest, anyway; they also encourage people to send an email to Manchester City Council registering a protest against their attempted ban.

The buggers don’t even have the guts to say ‘We’re banning it because Tony won’t like it’. Health and safety, indeed!

Via Tim Worstall


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