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September 14, 2006

Sex blogs, journalists and anonymity

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Bryony Gordon, in The Telegraph, wonders ‘Why are sex bloggers so secretive?’. She contemplates the girl with a one track mind, who was writing a very successful — so successful that she won the ‘Best British or Irish Blog’ award in the 2006 Bloggies and got a book contract out of it — sex blog under the pseudonym Abby Lee, until the Sunday Times outed her as Zoe Margolis, ‘a film assistant who lives in north London,’ a bit unsporting, I felt, particularly since they’d published an extract from her book the previous month.

The story has a happy ending, readers will be pleased to know, since after the initial shock and embarassment of her parents finding out what she gets up to, Ms Margolis has decided to make the best of it and appear on Sharon Osbourne’s show to plug her book, and good luck to her.

Anyway, Bryony Gordon comments,

Um, hello. Earth calling Zoe. It seems astonishing that a sex blogger could moan about her privacy being invaded. And it is downright naive of someone who writes so explicitly, to such a large audience, to believe that nobody would be interested in finding out who she really was.

A statement of the obvious, I thought, but is it? I mean, obviously it’s interesting if you know her, and it would certainly be of great general interest if she were someone famous, particularly if it were amusing, too — Ann Widdecombe, perhaps, or — even better — Andrew Motion (I’ve heard a rumour that he’s actually Belle de Jour, but I’m not sure I believe it). But ‘a film assistant in North London’? Even if, as The Daily Mail revealed,

As well as working as a production assistant on Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Miss Margolis, the daughter of a psychotherapist who went to a North London comprehensive, has worked on Batman Begins and Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life.

Erotic blogger admits: ‘I’m too busy for sex’ | the Daily Mail

I mean, now we know, but, err, so what? I can’t say I’d been wondering whether she was a film assistant or a legal secretary, or that my appreciation of Batman Begins is in any way altered by this remarkable discovery.

What Bryony Gordon means, I think, is that it was downright naive of her to believe that no journalist would be interested in finding out who she was, which is a bit different.



  1. The attitude of the British press is something that continually disappoints me to be honest. No doubt some interfering busy body thinks that it is in the public interest to know these things but frankly that’s just bollocks.

    If a person has done nothing wrong, i.e. hasn’t committed a crime, then their identity is of little consequence and their desire to remain anonymous should be respected.

    Of course there is the age old argument that they wouldn’t publish if people didn’t buy, but if I offered you a secret for 20p you might as well know as not.

    The gutter press are parasites that latch onto talent until it is sucked dry. The sooner people stop encouraging them the better our country will be.

    Comment by Andrew — September 14, 2006 @ 5:37 pm

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