Not Saussure

September 15, 2006

Some mistake, surely?

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The government’s habit of dealing with problems by appointing people to deal with them, or not, and calling them ‘Tzars’ gives rise to ever more strange results. The ill-fated Keith Halliwell’s job title ‘Drugs Tzar’ was bad enough — partly because it didn’t sit too well with his war on drugs barons (unless, I suppose, the Tzar in question was Ivan the Terrible), and partly because it kept on making me wonder who the Drugs Rasputin was.

But now, I see,

A national terrorism tsar overseeing up to 10 new regional squads is to be created under proposals being drawn up by the government’s policing watchdog

Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Shake-up for anti-terror policing

Cheka-KGB emblem: sword and shieldThis is a bit inappropriate; surely we need a Terror Stolypin to lead this Okhrana or, since it’s New Labour, either a Terror Dzerzhinsky or — perhaps even better, given Dr Reid’s political history and the tabloids’ worries about the Poles coming here and taking everyone’s jobs, a Terror Beria to lead our new all-Britain extraordinary commission.


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