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September 16, 2006

A fool and his money?

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The Guardian reports

Professional gamblers are rushing to buy £1,000 devices that they believe will enable them to win millions of pounds in casinos when the gambling industry is deregulated next year.

It continues,

The government’s national weights and measures laboratory investigated the technique. It is thought the cheats first identify a “biased” wheel, where the ball appears to commonly drop in roughly the same zone. They also look for signs on the wheel of a “manageable scatter”, which means that when the ball strikes a certain number, it will usually fall into a neighbouring pocket. The unpublished report concluded: “On a wheel with a definite bias and a manageable scatter, a prediction device of this nature, when operated by a ‘skilled’ roulette player, could obtain an advantage when used in a casino.”

Mark Howe, who sells the devices for £1,000 from a workshop in Sheffield, claims his software will also work on level wheels. Surrounded by the soldering irons and laser sensors he uses to make his devices, he gave the Guardian an apparently successful demonstration of the software he said earned him a substantial sum before he was banned from British casinos in the 1990s.

But, assuming the things do work, punters may have difficulty collecting their winnings; the Gambling Commission has apparently

confirmed that it is advising casinos to refuse to pay people caught using predictive devices, requiring the gamblers to take legal action in order to obtain their winnings.

This puzzled me, since I’d always thought that gambling debts aren’t legally enforceable, but apparently Part 17 of the new Gambling Act 2005 has changed that; however, while I’m not a lawyer, a quick look at the relevant section suggests to me that casinos could solve that problem by making it clear they’ll not accept stakes from people who’re using such devices. In any case, as Tim Worstall notes, using such devices will presumably get you thrown out on your ear pretty sharpish, just as happens if you’re detected counting cards at baccarat.

The best observation, though, comes from one of the comments to Mr Worstall’s piece;

Why don’t the papers ever bother doing a Google search on what they are talking about ? Do a search on
“mark howe” roulette on Google and look at the top result.

I did, and it makes very interesting reading indeed.



  1. Hi there
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    This is why you should never place your bets before the ball is released.

    The Guardian Newspaper did actually do their homework and know all About the internet criminal responsible for the site you are generating traffic too, its not interesting reading, its lies, but if you go to
    you will find out the truth about this guy Stefano hourmouzis.

    You claim the best observation comes form Tim Worstalls piece, but in fact, its the work of an internet crimnal and scammer, who right at this very moment is under investigation.

    The Guardian Newspaper and Paul Lewis did their Homework and I found Paul Lewis to be Very Professional and the Guardian as a Newspaper has a clean image. It was voted one of the best online Newspapers in the world..
    Mark Anthony Howe

    Don’t believe everything you read and check the source and the motive, it makes good journalism and sorts out Facts from Fiction!

    Comment by Mark Anthony Howe — April 26, 2007 @ 1:28 am

  2. Hi again

    And for the record, roulette computers are still legal in the UK and most of Europe, its actually Legal in most parts of the world.

    Would I give a National Newspaper a Demonstration if it did not work as I claim. The demonstration was also given on a level wheel and Paul Lewis was offered a sprit Level to check this himself and explained that the ball would fall evenly at different locations around banking of the wheel proving it was level or near level.
    Level footage is presented at my site for anyone to view.

    I invite anyone to come and try the product themselves, it is used covertly, you are not allowed to pull out a PDA in the casinos, thats why I also invented the worlds smallest hearing aid in the world that sits deep down in the ear canal. Check


    Mark Anthony Howe

    Comment by Mark Anthony Howe — April 26, 2007 @ 1:37 am

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