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September 17, 2006

Police probe Cherie ‘attack’ on teenager |The Mail on Sunday

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All over the front page of today’s Mail on Sunday — not that I read the rag, of course, but I could hardly miss the headline when at Mr Singh’s to buy today’s Telegraph and some ciggies, since it took up half the front page. The actual report is somewhat less hysterical than the headline — ain’t it always the way — and is similar to the Beeb’s coverage; lad makes rabbit ears behind Cherie’s head, she takes playful swipe at him, someone with a sense of mischief complains, and, somewhat extraordinarily at first glance,

Six detectives were sent to investigate after officials from the Child Protection in Sport Unit complained to police.

“The Strathclyde police undertook an investigation, including taking statements from a number of people who were present,” Downing Street said in a statement.

“These included the 17-year-old boy involved and Mrs Blair’s protection officer, who was with her at all times, who said that nothing had occurred between Mrs Blair and the youngster.

“We understand that no further action is planned.”

Loud cries of ‘complete waste of time and money!’, and rightly so. The Beeb continues,

Miles’ mother Catherine told the paper that what had happened between Mrs Blair and her son was a light-hearted exchange.

She said: “I have absolutely no idea why it all blew up. It just seems totally bizarre.

“We couldn’t believe it when the police got involved. I don’t know who complained.”

Seems somewhat naive of her, to my mind; obviously someone’s going to complain about it, just for the fun of watching what happens. But before we get too irate about the cops, I don’t see that they had a great deal of choice in the matter; imagine, if you will, the Wail’s reaction were it to get out that Strathclyde had received a complaint that Mrs Recorder Blair QC had allegedly clouted the lad and they’d done nothing about so serious an allegation.

Still, at least he didn’t try it with Mr Prescott.


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