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September 23, 2006

Blair gets told what for

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Tony doesn’t have much luck with women, despite his claims about five times a night. First the Women’s Institute and now this.

From The Indy

An astonishing attack on Tony Blair as a father was made at a private meeting of Labour’s ruling body by a trade union official who is a single mother.Members of the party’s national executive committee watched in amazement as Harriet Yeo launched a broadside over Mr Blair’s remarks about teenage mothers in a speech on social exclusion earlier this month.

She hit back by referring to the incident in which his son Euan, then 16, was arrested after being found by police in Leicester Square, where he had vomited on the pavement.

She said she was an unmarried mother but not all of them were feckless. “My daughter has not disgraced me, not like your son who was found drunk in the gutter. We don’t want lectures from you,” she said…

[…] A grim-faced Mr Blair had been taking questions on his leader’s report to the NEC. “Blair was reduced to a gibbering wreck,” said one eye witness. “Harriet said she was an unmarried mother and how dare he lecture anyone on how to bring up their own family. Gordon [Brown] just sat there. There was a stunned silence.” One member of the committee said: “It is the most devastating thing we have ever seen at an NEC meeting.”


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