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September 25, 2006

Fun with figures

Filed under: Bloody Yanks, Panic, usa, Wingnuts — notsaussure @ 11:58 pm has a ticker on its site, I’ve noticed — via some British blogs that link to it — which informs us the ‘Islamic Terrorists Have Carried Out More Than 5,923 Deadly Terror Attacks Since 9/11’.

I’m not sure what they include in that figure — if it includes, for example, attacks carried out on coalition troops in Iraq, then it could possibly be described as misleading — but I prefer figures that I can put into some sort of context.

Consequently, I consulted the FBI statistics and discovered it can’t much higher than the number of Deadly Family Member Murder Attacks carried by Americans (or, at least, in America) over the same period (1,804 Americans were murdered by family members in 2004, so unless that was a particularly bad year, it must be around 6,000 between September 2001 and now).

If we compare the Islamic Terrorists’ 5,923 Deadly Terror Attacks with the total number of murders in America — around 16,000 a year — then clearly the Islamic Terrorists have some serious catching up to do.

Furthermore, considering there are well over a billion Muslims in the world, and only around 30,000,000 300,000,000 Americans, it would seem that any American you happen to encounter is far more likely to harbour murderous intentions, either towards his family or a perfect stranger, than is a Muslim to be involved in Deadly Islamic Terror Attacks.

What we’re supposed to do about any of these alarming statistics, I do not know.



  1. […] Fun with figures The murderers vs. terrorists grudge-match […]

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  2. For a post purported to be about figures, I’d suggest the figure of 30 million americans might be a tad innaccurate. You might want to hit the * 10 buttons.

    Comment by piersy — September 27, 2006 @ 1:41 pm

  3. Ooops! Thanks for pointing it out.

    Comment by notsaussure — September 27, 2006 @ 2:48 pm

  4. Moral equivalence is always the first resort of appoligists for the level of violence inflicted by the so called “religion of peace”. The point is – how many of the murders in the US are motivated by religion? Very few I would suspect. There are also murders of family members in Muslim countries that are not included in those depicted on the ROP website. These, unfortunately, happen everywhere…you are comparing apples and oranges in order to get the desired effect…a quick look at the site and you can see the criteria:

    This list, of over 10,000 terrorist attacks committed by Muslims since 9/11/01 (a rate of about three or four a day), is incomplete because only a small percentage of attacks were picked up by international news sources, even those resulting in multiple loss of life.

    These are not incidents involving nominal Muslims killing for money or personal pride. We include attacks that can reasonably be determined to have been committed by Muslims out of religious duty – as interpreted by the perpetrator.

    We usually list only attacks that result in loss of life (with a handful of exceptions). In several cases, the victims are undercounted because deaths from trauma caused by the Islamists may occur in later days, despite the best efforts of medical personnel to keep the victims alive.

    We usually don’t include incidents related to combat, such as in Iraq and Afghanistan, unless it involves particularly heinous terrorist tactics. Unprovoked sniper, drive-by or roadside bombing attacks on military personnel serving normal police duties are sometimes included depending on the circumstances.

    Unfortunately, this list of Muslim terrorist attacks barely scratches the surface of atrocities committed in the name of Islam that occur world-wide each day. For that reason, we don’t tally up the dead and dismembered, except on a weekly and monthly basis.

    As an example, most news articles on the violence in southern Thailand note that about 900 people were killed in 2005. We estimate that 150 of these deaths are of the Islamic militants themselves, which means they killed some 750 people that year. But TROP was only able to record the deaths of 314. We underreported more than half in a country with a decent news infrastructure. Imagine what we don’t catch in the Sudan, where the toll runs into the hundreds of thousands!

    The ridiculous level of violence that Islam serves up to the world makes it impossible to compile a complete list.

    Interestingly, people often respond to the list by disparaging other religions, as if pulling everyone down to the same level satisfies some sort of moral preconception about religion and culture in general. Since no other religion inspires the sort of terrorism that Islam produces, the critic invariably finds it necessary to change the rules of comparison for one side of the equation in order to contrive preferred results.

    Typically, this will take the form of reaching far back into a religion’s history to find the worst that can be found, even if it is in a time of war or is in utter contradiction to the teachings of the faith. In a fit of self-congratulation, the critic then holds their straw man up against our list of attacks – which are bound to a particular timeframe and constrained by the rules of non-warfare and overt religious motivation – failing to realize the extent to which they have mitigated their own argument.

    Comment by Dhimmisum — December 3, 2008 @ 12:33 am

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