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September 28, 2006

“Give me sex, money and I’ll protect you from terrorists” — 8 years for manufactured terror threat

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A truly strange case this, with all sorts of resonances. Man tricks woman into believing she’s under threat from violent Islamic extremists from whom he can protect her, in return for sex and money.

The case was heard at my local court and, despite its truly bizarre nature, hasn’t been widely reported — I’m told it’s in a couple of the local papers, but they aren’t on-line.

Anyway, the freelancer who does the reports for our local courts very kindly gave me the copy he filed to blog about if I wished — he sees it as almost a parable for our times, too. Not sure what the copyright situation is here; OK to blog about, but if anyone from the commercial press wants to do anything with it, please drop me an email and I’ll forward it to my reporter chum. Here’s his story, anyway:

A man who bizarrely tricked a Solihull student into having sex with him by sending her text messages supposedly from policemen has been jailed for eight years.Havinder Singh Jheeta had pleaded not guilty at Warwick Crown Court to two charges of procuring a young woman to have intercourse with him by false pretences.

Jheeta (23) of Ferndale Road, Hall Green, also denied four charges of raping her on various dates prior to March this year and one of blackmailing her by making an unwarranted demand for payment for ‘security services’.

but he later changed his pleas to guilty at a pre-trial review hearing — and at the court on Thursday Jheeta was jailed and banned from working with children for ten years.

Prosecutor Ashraf Khan said the girl, now in her 20’s, was a Solihull student who met Jheeta at college.

Later she began to receive threatening texts and phone calls from an Asian male swearing at her and saying he would be waiting outside her home.

The texts became increasingly abusive, threatening to kidnap her and force her to convert to Islam, and they continued throughout the period she was at college.

She confided in Jheeta, and when the texts continued he told her he had friends outside her house who were fighting off the Muslims when they turned up.

The girl decided to go to the police, but Jheeta told her he would sort it out and make the complaint on her behalf, and she agreed, after which she regularly asked for updates and was told the investigation was continuing.

The girl then began to receive texts supposedly from a succession of police officers who were in charge of the investigation, although they were all sent by Jheeta.

She never saw any of the officers and was even asked to make statements to them by text.

Posing as ‘Pc Kemp’, Jheeta said the police could not continue keeping watch on her home, but that security could be arranged at a cost of £1,000.

She agreed to that, and she was led to believe that the first two payments were made by Jheeta, but when the third payment was due she paid £700 of the bogus cost to him.

A ‘Pc Thomas’ took over the investigation, still communicating by text, and she received a message telling her to continue having intercourse with Jheeta, whose basis of plea was that they had previously had sex consensually, as part of the the investigation.

As a result of that and similar texts she did have sex with Jheeta on a number of occasions — but would not have complied if she had not believed she was being instructed to by the police.

Earlier this year documents were sent to the girl’s home accusing her of ‘sleeping around’, which caused distress to her family — and she then went to the police herself.

When Jheeta was arrested his lies continued, said Mr Khan, but he finally confessed, adding that he probably needed his head testing.

Michael Duck, defending, said: “It is an extremely unusual case. You are dealing not with a man who is a sexual predator who is a danger to young women, but a rather pathetic young man who has not yet grown into his 24 years.

“It was a girl he fell desperately in love with, and he came out with this frankly outlandish scheme.”

Jailing Jheeta, Judge Richard Cole told him: “I have to sentence you for a number of very grave offences.

“You took part in this bizarre charade to persuade her she was at risk to try to put pressure on her to have sex with you.”

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  1. I am a victim of the sexual offence of procuring women by false pretenses. It seems like the ONLY time when this offence gets to court is when it is tagged along with other offences, like blackmailing, procuring money by deception and making death threats in the case of Jheeta, or when it is a counter-allegation used in defence: this happened to people I know.
    I want to start a prosecution on its own because I am a sexually vioated woman and I am having very serious trouble with initiating legal proceedings, because I am expected to pay all the fees in a private prosecution. That costs .. how much a whole house costs, and I am only in my mid-twenties. The legal scholars Professor Peter Alldridge, Jonathan Herring, Joel Feinberg, David Archard and Emily Sherwin have explained why procuring women by false pretenses. It has been illegal since 124 years ago!
    I was told 350 shocking lies in a few months. The lies were ridiculously elaborate and detailed. The same person lied to over 30 other people (I have proof of this, in documents) and also targed other attractive young women with the same set of deceit. A qualified lawyer from the firm BCL Burton Copeland says I have a case, but will not prosecute for me without any money.
    This is surely killing the point of justice.
    I have more phone calls with my Member of Parliament than I have with my friends. I was with him until 10:05 pm last Thursday night- that’s Right Honourable Stephen Timms MP. I have also talked to Right Honourable Fabian Hamilton, Lord Nazir Ahmed and Baroness Flather about it. I received 2 replies from 10 Downing Street, including Gordon Brown’s thank-you note for my song “Gordon Brown be my Angel”-
    please listen to it here:

    Brahms Lullaby

    Gordon Brown! Gordon Brown!
    Will you be my angel?
    Guardian angel is what I meant
    Will you rescue my soul?

    For you are in charge
    Of these people I wrote to
    Stephen Timms, Jack Straw
    Let me place my trust in you

    Gordon Brown! MP’s!
    Let me sing out loud
    For what you do, for my country
    For my reproductive system

    You right wrongs! My right’s been wronged
    I am desperate for you
    Not just you! There’s Jon Herring
    I’m a violated woman

    Gordon Brown, help me sleep!
    Help me sleep like a baby
    Will my babies ever come out?
    Maternal desires!
    I lost my womanhood
    In a sinister curse
    Gordon Brown! Bring it back!
    You are perfect for that!
    Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown
    Chase the devil for me!!


    Gordon Brown, Gordon Brown
    We’re all thinking about you
    All the time, day and night
    You are here to help me!

    Uphold justice, apply the law
    Fill the gaps in the system
    There’re loopholes, they ain’t good
    I continue to suffer

    Please act fast cos people forget things
    My whole load of witnesses!
    Go find out from your 8 MP’s
    Human life can be tragic!!

    Gordon Brown, lift my hope
    Bless my country for now please!
    Legal history will be made

    Pseudonym ‘Eva Jo Frogster’

    Comment by Eva Jo Frogster — October 29, 2009 @ 2:23 pm

  2. Offence has now, thanks to bad drafting of SOA2003, been abolished (except for mentally ill). Jheeta could be convicted under the old scheme because he had committed some offences before the change.

    Still, things like impersonation or (physical) compulsion can still make it rape.

    Comment by JosephS — December 2, 2009 @ 12:25 am

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