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September 30, 2006

Rachel on Garri Holness, The Sun and ‘Being a Victim’

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Rachel From North London writes in Anorak (a few days ago, but I missed it) about The Sun’s monstering (again) of Garri Holness, one of the other bomb survivors on her train, and draws some wider conclusions about the press and being ‘A Victim’:

This is the problem when all you see is ‘Victims’, not real people. There was a cross section of London life on that train. The man who had raped, the woman who had been raped. The cleaner and the company director. The happy and the unhappy. The lonely and the loved. Men, women, young, old, white, black, gay, straight, with complex lives and strengths and weaknesses. Individuals.

I notice that I became a cypher, a symbol, a blank screen onto which others project what they want to see, when I wrote about being a victim of the bombs…



  1. The long old story of Garri Holness/Linton

    The boy Garri has done his time by LAW and Socioty. Why are the media prescuting him. Cos his Black and the girls were white.
    The Judge inthe case said to Garri when sentencing him…”YOU may NOT of rape or assualted these girls but you were there as one of the older boys you must take responsibility, yes you DID stop the it but you should of and could of sooner” “You have been found guilty by Joint Enterprise to Rape. So he lied about his appeal and thats all he lied. If possible the girl that came forward should be asked if there was one boy different from the rest of them…she describes garri in the the transcripts as the gentle/kind one she took his advice and he helped her.but the Tabloid being the tabloids wouldn’t print this as its would be against the grain. It wasn’t his gang and he wasn’t class as a gang leader more a dopey follower. By the way it was six boys 14-17 convicted why the pressure on garri. His turn his life around. No conviction for the last 20 years keeping out of trouble and working.Not living of the state paying national insurance and caring for his dieding my for the last 4years of her life…………then unfortun atly he gets blown up loses part of his leg and other injuries but conduct hiself in a very respectable manner, that everyone fell in love with him……He hasn’t changed. His past caught up with him BUT his done his time and this is 21 Years ago…..these people need to get a life and get off this man back…he is a True Hero…..who had a bad start to life…..

    Comment by ghetto — October 29, 2006 @ 6:50 pm

  2. @ ghetto

    “All the police reports and transcripts show that he was the ringleader. I am almost certain it was him who said during the rape, ‘We’ll get years for this if we get caught’. He knew exactly what he was doing and the implications.

    “It is totally untrue that he tried to stop the rapes. I specifically remember Linton as a cruel and vicious person. To come back 20 years later and lie about his past shows he has no remorse, no shame and no awareness of the utter devastation he caused to me and my family”

    Comment by Steve — May 5, 2007 @ 2:24 am

  3. A “true hero’ doesn’t hold back information from the press and accept awards when there are shadows lurking in his past.
    It’s a sly, devious thing to do.
    there are certain things that always stay with us however much we think we’ve made amends.

    Comment by Paul — February 2, 2011 @ 2:24 pm

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