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October 1, 2006

Cameron and Matthew Parris — parallel lives?

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Mr Eugenides has been reading in The Mail on Sunday (so the rest of us don’t have to) about how, apparently,

TV historian Andrew Roberts told yesterday of the day the Tory leader heroically plunged into the sea off the south coast of France to save him from a school of huge, stinging jellyfish.

Most commendable, doubtless, but Cameron will have to try harder.

Saving a TV historian from jellyfish can hardly compare, in the public imagination at least, to Matthew Parris’s heroically jumping into the Thames to rescue a drowning dog (a feat which helped him be selected for a safe Conservative seat).

The parallels begin to worry me slightly, since Parris, too, was the object of an unsuccessful recruitment attempt by the security services (ours rather than theirs) and Parris also achieved political success at the expense of Michael Howard, apparently not least because of the drowning dog incident. And following Parris’s success in the dead tree media, Dave is, of course, blogging away on Webcameron about how — unless I’ve misheard it — he’s going to ‘wash up the porridge’.

I suspect, too, that Baroness Thatcher must sometimes look at David Cameron, as once she did at Matthew Parris, thinking “There’s something not quite right about that boy.”

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