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October 17, 2006

Boris on Blunkett as Home Secretary

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The revelations about Blunkett allegedly wanting the army called in to machine-gun prison rioters (one way of ensuring good headlines in The Sun, of course, despite the slight blip in their readers’ mortality rate it would necessarily have caused) has again raised doubts about the then Home Secretary’s judgment.

Seems an opportune time to remind folks about the greatest living Conservative’s Spectator editorial while the debacle of Blunkett’s travails with his mistress and the nanny was unfolding:

While excusing the Home Secretary on these matters [rail tickets for Kimberly Quinn and help with Leoncia Casalme’s visa], we do have grave doubts about his conduct in certain other respects, not least the ruthless manner in which he decided to kiss and tell. That David Blunkett is responsible for broadcasting the details of his affair to the world there can be little doubt. Tabloids cannot publish kiss and tell stories without the co-operation of one of the parties involved, and any analysis of the quotes contained within the original story published in the News of the World in August must confirm that in this case it was Mr Blunkett who co-operated. The situation is this: he had an affair with a married woman and fathered her child. When she decided to remain with her husband, Mr Blunkett reacted like a teenage girl who finds the object of her desires wrapped around somebody else at the school bus shelter. He is an adult, and one of the most powerful politicians in the land, and yet he went bleating to the tabloid newspapers with the sole object of shocking and humiliating his lover’s husband, and destroying her marriage. After years of sucking up to the tabloid media, notably by introducing a series of illiberal Home Office measures, he was able to deploy them as weapons of revenge in his deluded amatory campaign. It is a contemptible way to behave.

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