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October 17, 2006

McKeating’s Niqab

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In the course of expounding his provocative new theory, McKeating’s Niqab, a variation of Schrödinger’s cat whereby the niqab-wearing mother of some children at his son’s school was simultaneously ‘both polite and friendly and rude and stand offish’, thus leaving him in a typically British state of benign ambiguity, Justin mentions that Jack Straw is

a man with evidently such thin skin and delicate sensibilities that it remains a wonder how he ever summoned the courage to shake the hand of Robert Mugabe

On reading this, I was struck by a sudden insight; Staw suffered the embarrassment of shaking hands with Robert Mugabe  (or was it vice versa?)  because, he suggested, it was dark so he didn’t recognise him in time.  

Now it’s obvious.   The reason Straw asks women to remove their  niqabs isn’t anything to do with Islam.   It’s that  he fears Robert Mugabe might be sneaking up on him again.

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