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October 19, 2006

Lord Campbell-Savours names false complainant in sexual assault case

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This is deplorable.

A woman who falsely accused a man of a sexual assault and saw him serve five years in jail has been named in the House of Lords.

The Labour peer Lord Campbell-Savours named the woman during exchanges about the rape laws.

Lord Campbell-Savours raised the case of Warren Blackwell, who was convicted at Northampton Crown Court in 1999.

He was freed by the Appeal Court last month after it emerged the woman had a history of mental illness and lying.

At the time, the Appeal Court judge Mr Justice Tugendhat pointed out there was a lifetime ban on revealing the name of a complainant in a sex case.

As the BBC report of Mr Blackwell’s release made clear at the time,

The court recommended that the complainant’s details be shared with police forces across the country in case she tried to repeat the accusations.

Quite apart from the fact that the law’s the law, and since Parliament has said there’s a lifetime ban on revealing complainants’ names in such cases, that ought to be respected, even if you don’t think it had such circumstances in mind, the court’s recommendation means that any rape complaint she now makes is highly unlikely to be prosecuted unless there are independent witnesses (which isn’t particularly likely).

Publishing her name, in those circumstances, effectively gives carte blanche to sexual assaults on a woman who’s clearly mentally ill, perhaps by sickos who want to ‘punish’ her for making false allegations.   She’s got her illness as an excuse for her despicable behaviour.   What’s Lord Campbell-Savours’ excuse?


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