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November 1, 2006

Pair not to face ‘air plot’ trial

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Yet another judge who just doesn’t get it;

Two brothers charged in connection with an alleged airliner bomb plot have walked free from court.

The judge at the City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court in London ruled there was insufficient evidence to put them on trial.

Mehran Hussain, 24, and Umair Hussain, 25, of Chingford, east London, were discharged after a committal hearing.

They were accused of failing to disclose information about a brother, Nabeel, who was a suspect in the case.

District Judge Quentin Purdy said there was not enough evidence to try the brothers.

The pair, who had been arrested at their home on 9 August, had been charged in connection with an alleged plot to bomb trans-Atlantic airliners in mid-air.

The alleged plot sparked a massive security clampdown, which led to widespread disruption at British airports in August.

Source: BBC NEWS | UK | Pair not to face ‘air plot’ trial

This is exactly the sort of thing Dr Reid must have had in mind when he complained that the courts fail to appreciate that

we can’t always prosecute individuals due to the difficulties in obtaining sufficiently cogent admissible evidence for a criminal trial

The courts throwing out cases for lack of evidence? That’s yet another example of

A nineteenth-century criminal justice system trying to solve twenty-first-century crimes;


Court procedures that are cumbersome;

Clearly we do need to

turn up the pace of reform …, confronting the vested interests that hold back change, and implement tough new measures against those who persistently flout the law. We need to drag the English legal system away from what Lord Justice Auld describes as ‘centuries of haphazard statutory and common law accretion’.

The Abolition of Parliament Legislative and Regulatory Reform Act can’t come soon enough! Then ministers will be able to take such measures they thing are necessary to ensure our safety and we’ll all be able to sleep at night. Possibly in Belmarsh with no prospect of a trial, but safely.

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