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November 6, 2006


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Just noticed this in the Beloved Leader’s Telegraph article

Visitors to the United States now digitally record their fingerprint, and new UK passports from last month must carry a facial biometric. We also know how effective it can be. In trials using this new technology on visa applications at just nine overseas posts, our officials have already uncovered 1,400 people trying to get back into the UK illegally.

The American US-VISIT programme, to which he refers, had apparently cost at least $15 billion by the start of this year. It was then announced that in its two years of operation,

Since January 2004, US‑VISIT has processed more than 44 million visitors. It has spotted and apprehended nearly 1,000 people with criminal or immigration violations, according to a DHS press release.

That’s almost 500 people a year, at a cost of $15 million per baddy. And that’s when it’s working, of course.

This prompts me to ask, of St Tone’s figure of 1,400 people trying to get back into the UK illegally, how many of these folks would have been detected in the normal course of events by more conventional means, and how much did it cost, per person, to detect those who would not otherwise have been found out.  

He seems to have missed that bit out, purely by oversight, I’m sure.

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