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November 21, 2006

He who lives by media management…

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Blair’s apparent agreement with Sir David Frost’s proposition that the invasion of Iraq has proved to be ‘a disaster’ has been dismissed as ‘a slip of the tongue’; the BBC were reporting on Sunday (though I can’t find it on their website) that Blair was concentrating more on his answer than on what Frost was actually saying and, having seen the clip, I can well believe it. The bit about it being a disaster was slipped into the question almost as an afterthought, in a tone clearly inviting an affirmative answer, and Tony fell for it.

Apart from this being a good example of the wisdom of the advice we were always given at school before exams — read the questions carefully! — this is a pleasing example of the intervention in human affairs of the goddess Nemesis, I think.

Politicians have long infuriated interviewers by playing on the fact that there’s only so much time available in a broadcast interview so it’s best to use the time to say what you want to rather than to answer the question.

Blair’s been very good at that in the past, appearing to listen and then just ploughing on regardless, and this time it’s turned round and bit him.

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