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November 28, 2006

Why can’t people just — well, behave?

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Steven Poole on Blair’s plan for ‘a new social contract’

This almost comically bad idea shows that, in the decadent coda of his career, Blair has snapped utterly free of the notion that government exists at the sufferance of the people. Not a man ever to have taken seriously the idea that he is a public servant, he has now morphed decisively into a kind of giant inflatable Mary Poppins, minus the joie de vivre, floating untethered in the sky above us all. Tetchily nannyish, he says to himself: all the problems of British society could be solved if the people would just – well, behave.

More at: Comment is free: A raw deal

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  1. Wow, new depths of total delusion.
    So let me get this straight. I pay his wage, I pay for the hospitals, and the schools and for my bin collections, and for the cluster bombs, and for the helicopters and body armour, oh no, scratch those last two.
    And then I have to sign something to the effect that I don’t deserve any of the things I paid for in the first place if I don’t behave how a bunch of ivory tower fuckwits would like me to behave?!?!
    Where’s the bit about their behaviour, I sure as hell didn’t vote* to sink billions of pounds of (partly my) public money in a folly of a neocon project in iraq?

    [funnily enough i freudianly misspelt ivory, itory]
    *well, actually i didn’t vote labour (ever) so my conscience is clear on that count.

    Comment by piers — November 29, 2006 @ 11:42 am

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