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November 29, 2006

Some excellent questions

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Her colleague Zoe Williams defends Polly Toynbee against the slings and arrows of outrageous columnists and bloggers to which she’s recently been subject.

Unfortunately, Ms Williams isn’t sufficiently aware of the dangers of asking rhetorical questions, such as

Peter Hitchens posits: “Toynbee wants to use the plight of the poor as a perpetual pretext to confiscate the hard-earned money of the middle class and give it to the state.” Come on – who hates “ordinary people”? Why would anyone unconnected with government want to steal money just to give it to the state?


It’s absolute con-artistry – if rightwing commentators can persuade us all that you have to be poor to care about the poor then immediately the left is excised from the mainstream, because how can they be on the left when they’re being paid mainstream-commentator wages? And if they’re not being paid mainstream-commentator wages then they’re obviously cranks. I suppose she could give all her wages away, but that too would discredit her, since what can we possibly learn from the kind of idiot who gives all her wages away?

Mr Eugenides and Tim Worstall are able to assist her with the answers.

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