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December 3, 2006

And she’s wearing a veil!

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Dr Reid featured in The Indy’s You Ask The Questions feature last week:

Why do you continually pander to the right-wing press with populist policies on immigration? DAVID CREIGHTON, Prague

It’s not pandering to populism to protect our country from illegal immigration or international crime. It’s my duty as Home Secretary. I am committed to creating a fair and effective immigration service precisely so that unscrupulous people can not abuse the system

From the Sunday Telegraph

Dr Halima Basheer, one of the unscrupulous rape victims from whom Dr Reid protects us.

The Home Office is at the centre of a fresh row over its handling of asylum applications after it emerged that hundreds of people who have fled the slaughter in the Darfur region of Sudan have been told by officials that it is safe to return to their homes.

Among those who have been refused permission to remain in the UK is a woman doctor who was gang-raped by Sudanese soldiers for protesting to aid workers about the rape of more than 40 schoolgirls.

Some 300,000 people are believed to have been killed in Darfur since the Sudanese government enlisted Arab militias, known as janjaweed, to launch a campaign of ethnic cleansing in 2003. Fighting in Darfur has escalated in recent weeks and last week the UN’s human rights commissioner, Louise Arbour, warned that atrocities were now taking place daily.

But The Sunday Telegraph has learnt that last year 900 of 995 Sudanese applications for asylum were rejected, and a report to be published this week claims that only one asylum case in 10 involving alleged rape victims succeeds.

Human rights groups have accused the Government of sending back women to face fresh dangers. Now one of the women whose asylum application has been rejected has come forward to speak publicly about her fears for her safety.

Dr Halima Basheer, 27, fled to Britain after she was repeatedly targeted by Sudanese authorities. Speaking in London last week, she said her problems began two years ago when the janjaweed attacked a girls’ school in Darfur.

The government explains, however,

that it is safe to send refugees back to Sudan. A Home Office position paper published in May this year states: “Ordinary non-Arab ethnic Darfuris are not at risk of persecution outside the Darfur States and it is considered that it is not unduly harsh to expect them to relocate to an area within Sudan in which they will be safe.”

Yesterday a spokesman said that the Government was committed to providing protection for individuals found to be genuinely in need. But he added: “However, in order to maintain the integrity of our asylum system and prevent unfounded applications, it is important that we are able to enforce returns of those who do not need protection.”

So that’s all right, then. They’re ipso facto bogus asylum seekers, and probably sponging ones, to boot. After all, as Dr Reid told another questioner in the Indy

we need to balance that with having an immigration system that is robust, efficient and fair so that we can welcome those who need our help while keeping out those who seek to exploit our hospitality.

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