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December 29, 2006

Unwanted Christmas presents

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Hope everyone’s had an enjoyable Christmas and that Santa brought them what they wanted.

Interesting thought from my aged ma, following last year’s debacle when several people, stuck for what to give a lady in her 90s (a decent Pouilly Fumé is, she tells me, always acceptable, as is a good brandy), made the mistake of giving her vouchers to say they’d made charitable donations on her behalf. Thus she found herself the recipient of a year’s training for a teacher somewhere in Africa, a goat for a poor family somewhere or other and a kalashnikov rifle.

This last was courtesy of some bizarre scheme whereby — as far as I could make out — a well-meaning charity bought up guns from militias somewhere or other and gave them ploughshares, or their equivalent, in return. Quite what was to stop the recipients from trading their farming equipment for newer and better kalashnikovs she couldn’t work out either.

It did, however, give her the opportunity to affect her dotty old lady act — one of the few pleasures, she tells me, that life affords someone of her age — and purport to be under the impression that the charity concerned distributed guns to teachers the better to protect their goats, which left the bemused donor earnestly trying to explain that she’d got hold of the wrong end of the stick while everyone else tried to keep a straight face as she wondered whether a decent shot-gun wouldn’t be more practical since you could also use it shoot game birds for the pot, always assuming they had pheasants there and that they weren’t endangered species. As I say, no one made that mistake this year.

Anyway, mum’s thought on this was that these charitable givers had got it the wrong way round. Rather, she reasoned, than accepting from her presents she’d gone to quite some trouble to select because she thought they’d like them — and she is pretty good at that — if they were feeling in a charitable mood, they should have told her they’d rather she sponsored the teachers, goats and kalashnikovs on their behalf rather than giving them books, jewellery or whatever. As she says, she’s going to accommodate people’s charitable inclinations by asking them to give donations to the charities of their choice instead of sending flowers to her funeral, so they bloody well wait for that.

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  1. Kalashnikov rifle for a lady in her 90s? Might be useful in today’s more dangerous society.

    Comment by james higham — December 29, 2006 @ 4:54 pm

  2. It does seem a bit of an odd idea- because you can’t really protest against it because you wanted something becuase you look better and yet they haven’t lost anything. Its forced kindness.

    Comment by Gracchi — December 29, 2006 @ 6:09 pm

  3. What to do with unwanted Christmas presents?

    Is a question thousands of people ask themselves every year after receiving unwanted Christmas presents. Unfortunately most people hide them away in cupboards or the loft never to be seen again until they de-clutter many years later.

    Sadly most of these presents have a second hand value that is never realised due to these items normally ending up in the rubbish many years after they are received. This also has an environmental impact as they create thousands of tonnes of unnecessary rubbish that ends up in ever increasing landfill sites.

    So what can you do with all those unwanted presents you receive every year without offending the kind person who gave them? Well why not sell them through online Classified Ads, which helps reduce unnecessary rubbish and earns you some extra money enabling you to purchase the items you really want. The other big benefit with Classified Ads is that you may also save money by purchasing somebody else’s unwanted presents at a second-hand price, which will most probably not be used and still be in the original packaging. Again you have reduced the amount of unnecessary rubbish going into landfill sites making your decision to sell your unwanted Christmas present the most ethical choice!

    Now you have made the decision to sell all those un-used and unwanted presents, the next decision is where to sell them. These days there are many Classified Ad websites, some that specialise in certain items and some that are more generic. The best choice is to use a Classified Ads site that was easy for you to find on the web, if you can find it quickly and easily then in theory potential buyers for your items should also be able to find it quickly. Also consider using advertising sites that charge a small fee over the free ones for listing your items as these may offer a better service due to being able to promote their own site and your items more effectively.

    Remember, always create and catchy and precise advert for all your items and they will be sold in no time!


    Comment by Googie — February 7, 2011 @ 1:31 pm

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