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March 3, 2007

Conspiracy corner

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Earlier in the week, the Flying Rodent, in an article with one of his better headlines ever, drew my attention to a carnival of the conspiraloons going on at the BBC Editors’ Blog after the Beeb’s Conspiracy Files programme about 9/11.

It’s now spilled over to a second blog post there.

Given the two possibilities that either a BBC correspondent, doing a piece live to camera in New York during the mayhem of 9/11, garbled the story that the fire department said the collapse of one of the buildings was thought to be imminent and, in consequence, reported that it had, in fact, collapsed about half-an-hour before it actually did collapse; or that the whole thing was a massive conspiracy which some bozo promptly went and fouled up by giving the BBC reporter the wrong script to read, on the balance of probabilities it’s pretty obviously a conspiracy, isn’t it?

I mean, the alternative — that the press and broadcast media sometimes get things wrong by garbling stories — is just too horrifying and too absurd to contemplate.

As one of the comments to the second piece, giving the BBC’s account of how they reckon they and all the other news services were picking things up from each other, with a sort of Chinese Whispers effect, says

Nice try Richard, but this doesn’t add up…..So now your ”news” are based on other news channels, without daring to verify the validity of the said news….very professionnal, sir. This is a pathetic dammage control lie, and you shpuld be ashamed of yourself. I wonder how can you sleep at night, I really do…..

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