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March 3, 2007


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Justin, at Chicken Yoghurt, sympathises with the photographers who’ve withdrawn, ‘for commercial reasons’ the picture they took of David Cameron and Boris Johnson back in 1987. He’s had his copyright breached too, recently, very annoying he finds it.

Apparently there were fears that Labour planned to use the picture — no, not the one Justin took, the other one — for a political poster. Withdrawing the picture seems a bit pointless, since it’s always open to Labour to have an artist recreate it, as have Newsnight and The First Post. And, as the latter suggests, under Gordon Brown’s leadership, Labour won’t have to worry about the Tories retaliating with images Tony Blair’s Oxford days.

I don’t know about Blair’s making rude gestures at the camera — though the BBC’s suggestion that ‘It is also possible he was playing “air guitar”‘ sounds wildly improbable, to put it mildly; the fact he just looks such a twerp would surely have been the greater cause for concern among his present advisors.

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  1. The “air guitar” suggestion was floated in a piece on Comment is Free yesterday. However, I read that article as a humorous look at his student days through the prism of his rock band, rather than as seriously suggesting that it was indeed “air guitar” (I didn’t think much of it as an article, but it did at least strike the correct tone, ie amusement).

    This, however, smacks just a little too hard of the BBC trying to cover itself… if Tony was playing air guitar, he was doing it unlike any air guitarist I’ve ever seen…

    Comment by Mr Eugenides — March 3, 2007 @ 7:50 am

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