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March 7, 2007

Is that a trick question?

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Tom Hamilton, in let’s be sensible, has some very wise words about the folly of bloggers rushing into — err, not print; pixels?  Doesn’t sound right — into something or other with what they take to be major news stories.

He then has an update;  Paul Burgin, of Mars Hill,  apparently wants to know

how many of us, late at night, tired, probably a bit drunk, would have immediately blogged such a story sent by a friend?

Mr Hamilton’s answer is a simple one, but worth reading.

Mars Hill, of course, is the chap who recently hit on a novel solution to the problem of how a blogger can break a major news story without risking making any serious errors.


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  1. His putdown of Recess Monkey in the comments is quite superb, too:

    Recess Monkey said…
    Crikey! Nobody told me WordPress came with rules.

    Tom said…
    It doesn’t, unfortunately. You have to think for yourself, and work out what would make you an arse.


    Comment by Mr Eugenides — March 8, 2007 @ 2:14 pm

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