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March 21, 2007

Spam eater goes wild

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After receiving a post from Dan Goodman, asking what had happened to his lengthy comment about The Trap, I checked my spam trap and discovered that several bona fide posts had been caught. I’ve been through and tried to replace the ones I spotted, at least over the last couple of weeks — if I missed yours, apologies; please let me know via the email link (towards the bottom of the right-hand side-bar) and I’ll re-instate it.

The problem seems mainly to be with hyperlinks — it might be safest just to put them in as plain text, and I’ll edit them into clickable form when I see them.

I’m afraid that, because this is the free version of WordPress, I’m bit limited with what I can do to restrain the filter’s voracious appetite.



  1. I’ve had some problems with this too. One thing you can do is increase the number of links that can appear in a post, and make sure that wordpress is set to email you whenever a comment is held for moderation. I added a page ‘comments policy’ explaining that sometimes comments disappear thinking that people may read this.

    Comment by Dan Goodman — March 21, 2007 @ 1:32 am

  2. Your problem with WordPress’s spam control made me think of our current government: so enthusiastic for technology, but so lacking in judgement.

    Why not mention this to WordPress, in the hope that a home of bloggers might take on board the point.

    They should, perhaps, provide some controls that you can set according to your particular needs. This would be to split comments into 3 heaps: publish straight away, marginal (so needing a manual check, perhaps with email to you), almost certainly spam.

    Best regards

    Comment by Nigel Sedgwick — March 21, 2007 @ 7:37 am

  3. It already comes with precisely those controls, Mr Sedgwick. The trouble is that the filters don’t seem as adjustable as they’re supposed to be.

    I’ve already altered the settings for the number of links that trigger the trap but it’s still catching things for no good reason that I can see — there’s no apparent reason, for example, why it should have flagged Dan Goodman’s post. There weren’t too many links; maybe it thought it was too long, but there’s no setting for length that I can adjust.

    I’ll certainly investigate with WordPress, but I think just I’ll have, in the interim, to look more frequently at what’s been trapped.

    Comment by notsaussure — March 21, 2007 @ 8:02 am

  4. Thanks for putting in the link to my site on Brown/Stalin.

    BTW, I have discovered where the bobby on the beat has gone. They are all sat in offices using computers to blog themselves or read other coppers blogs. This smart bit of detective work came about as the result of my posting on a policeman’s blog about my stupidest copper of the year award. They tracked the link back to my blog. Now, if only they could put such devotion into solving crime…

    Comment by jailhouselawyer — March 21, 2007 @ 11:52 am

  5. But it’s so cheap to have your own domain and hosting. Not as cheap as free, I grant you, but under £40 a year would get you your own domain name and tons of hosting space. And WordPress would still be free, and you would be able to do with it as you will.

    Comment by Pete in Dunbar — March 21, 2007 @ 11:39 pm

  6. I’m certainly considering the idea of having my own domain and hosting, Pete. I’m partly put off by lethargy and partly by not being fully sure of the logistics of managing a switch — do you just announce that, as of next week, you’ll be at a new url and hope people realise, or what?

    Comment by notsaussure — March 22, 2007 @ 12:07 am

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