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April 16, 2007

Why didn’t this man win in 2000?

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I hadn’t realised, but, in the year 2000 US Presidential Elections, there was a candidate — sadly ignored over here, I fear — for whom I’d certainly have voted were I an American (which, as someone — I think Austin Mitchell MP, but I can’t find a quote —  noted, shortly after the event, gave you more say, at least if you lived in Florida, about British foreign policy than have most Labour MPs).

I refer to Doonesbury’s Uncle Duke, whose many campaign videos are only now available on YouTube and Slate.

As the country gins up for another presidential race, the Doonesbury Town Hall presents for your viewing pleasure an exclusive look back at the campaign videos of Duke2000 — Ambassador Duke’s “Absolutely Nothing To Lose” run for the White House as a maverick Reform Party candidate. E-campaigning from his headquarters at the E-Z Rest Motor Lodge in Coon Rapids, Minnesota, Duke set out to prove that an average citizen, with nothing more than a laptop, a few spam speeches, and a sackful of soft money, could make political history. His cutting-edge 3-D motion-capture animation campaign spots were so ahead of then-existing bandwidth capabilities that only now, two election cycles later and thanks to YouTube, can they be widely viewed and fully appreciated.

Here’s the great man making a rare early morning appearance, on The Today Show.

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