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June 3, 2007

The Weird Converter

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People will doubtless be aware that you can do conversions using the Google Calculator,and some rather strange conversions it’ll do, too; the speed of light, for example, is apparently 5.36493304 × 109furlongs per hour (a useful piece of information, as I’m sure most people would agree).

However, Google does have its limitations. Until now, people wanting know, for example, the weight of an average Blue Whale expressed in terms of average African Elephants or the weight of a male Polar Bear expressed in terms of average American women* have found little assistance. I am delighted, therefore, to have discovered The Weird Converter, via Boing Boing, which which will perform these, and many more, strange conversions. It does some equally surreal ones with length.

*One Blue Whale = 28.8649690480 Elephants; one Polar Bear = 6.0773480663 American women.



  1. No so

    What a wonderful tool! Appeals to scientific geeks such as myself.

    I wonder how much CO2 would be saved if all the world’s bloggers were wiped out by a mysterious virus.

    Comment by pommygranate — June 4, 2007 @ 2:34 am

  2. You know, NS, I worry about the state of your social life sometimes!

    Comment by David Duff — June 4, 2007 @ 9:38 am

  3. Worries me, too, at times, Mr Duff.

    Comment by notsaussure — June 4, 2007 @ 4:10 pm

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