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September 16, 2006

Better Elections Through Video » SMITH Magazine

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Researchers at Princeton University have documented, and demonstrate on this 9 1/2 minute video, how easy it is to hack a Diebold electronic voting machine — apparently very widely used in US elections — and steal votes to order by installing undetectable virus-like software.

What interests me, apart from the scary implications about how easy it is to steal US elections, of course, is, as SMITH Magazine puts it,

the sheer genius of the idea — not the idea of the hacking, but the idea of a perfect way to get the message out, in stark, uncompromising terms, and in a way that even someone who’s not a professor at Princeton can understand and appreciate: viral video.

The researchers have also written their discovery, of course, and posted it at

But putting a viral video like this seems a far better way of publicising their research than just relying on more conventional methods like putting it on the net and sending out press releases; it’s already been viewed over 80,000 times on YouTube, mostly, I’d think, by people who wouldn’t otherwise be particularly interested.


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