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March 7, 2007

Another aspect of Blair’s legacy?

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Along with cash for honours, the Dome, Iraq and 3,000-odd new criminal offences (one of which, people will be pleased to know, means you can now get your collar felt for causing nuclear explosions), we should not forget what may be one of the longer-lasting reminders of his period in office with Mr Blair leaves us.

The First Post today carries an interview with Sir Christopher Gent, one of the country’s leading businessmen, who turned down the opportunity to lead the Olympics Development Authority, a post temporarily filled by the US construction expert Jack Lemley, who resigned in October saying,

Well, I’ve never walked away from a project ever until I retired from the London 2012 programme, and it was so political that I think there is going to be a huge difficulty in the completion both in terms of time and money and it’s much more difficult because there’s so much time being lost now. The costs are going to go up on an exponential basis and I’m just not going to be part of it. I think at the end of the day if I’m wrong and they can do it all for their budget then maybe I’ll have some regrets about it, but right now I don’t want my reputation ruined being able to deliver projects on time and on budget. If the team can’t do it I don’t want my reputation ruined so I felt it was better to come home now than face that in five or six years, time goes by real quickly. He says, (more…)


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