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March 21, 2007

An excellent reply

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In the course of reading the Lords’ debate on the proposal to end jury trials in certain serious fraud cases, I found this wonderful interjection from The Earl of Onslow

Lord Hunt of Wirral (Conservative)
The Government do not come with clean hands. We have been down this road several times before. The noble and learned Lord did not mention the mode of trial Bills.

Lord Goldsmith (Attorney General, Law Officers’ Department)
My Lords, the noble Lord will recall that his party, when Mr Michael Howard was Home Secretary, also put forward exactly that proposal.

The Earl of Onslow (Conservative)
My Lords, that is a frightfully bad excuse. Just because two people do something does not make it any better. It means that there are two fools about the place rather than one.

Lord Hunt of Wirral (Conservative)
My Lords, my most difficult task is to follow that…

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