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January 19, 2007

In defence of Jade and her coven

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Defending the indefensible can sometimes be illuminating as well as profitable, so, since I predict that within a few days some soi-disant controversial columnists (are you thinking what I’m thinking?)will decide that their readers are probably bored by now with hearing that racism and bullying are bad things — that’s so last week — I thought I’d help them out by exploring a few tropes and topics they might want to deploy in defence of Ms Goody and her friends.

The first, of course, is that they’re merely exercising their freedom of speech. We may well dislike what Ms Goody and her chums have to say about Indians being thin because they undercook chicken, or that Ms Shetty can’t speak English properly and should ‘fuck off home’, but should we not defend — to the death, if necessary, according to Voltaire — their right to say it? (more…)


September 9, 2006

‘Gnome surrender’ over garden ornament

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Facing threats of arrest and prosecution, a man has vowed to keep a glowing gnome on display in his garden.

Gordon MacKillop, 46, was woken in the middle of the night two weeks ago by two police officers who warned him that the solar-powered gnome, which is dressed in full police uniform and is accompanied by an alsatian, was offensive to his neighbour.

The officers served him with a notice under the Protection From Harassment Act 1997 for “placing a garden gnome with intent to cause harassment to Mr John McLean”.

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